In our shops, you can experience the atmosphere of the past: they are places of meeting, sharing and warmth.

The Molino Moras sales outlets are just like the shops of bygone days, with the same taste and the same possibility to learn and share as well as to buy things.

In them, you will find our fine flours and genuine, natural products supplied by local producers and based on traditional recipes: biscuits, breadsticks, artisan cakes, jams, Friulian sauces, yeasts, seeds and spices.

We will be there to welcome you: willing and happy to answer your questions or explain the best ways of using Moras flours, depending on your needs. You will always receive useful and practical advice, just like in the shops in bygone days, when human warmth, together with genuine products, made the difference.

In our shops, we organise courses, study meetings, lessons with experts and exchanges of recipes and tips for the right choice and use of flours for household needs.

The Molino Moras shops are: Buteghe dal Mulin in Trivignano Udinese and UnSaccoMoras in the centre of Trieste.

In addition to the store, both premises have workshops for training courses and meetings to study and examine the characteristics of the individual types of flour, the production process and their performance, and to receive helpful tips and new recipes in which to use them.

you can also find our FLOURS here too

you can also find our FLOURS here too



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