Dear all,

The evenings devoted to the introduction of our rapport with the Earth to rediscover the natural rhythms and examine deeply various topics connected to the earth, are planned for the following dates: Wednesday, 8th of October 2014 (6-8 p.m.) at our headquarters in Trivignano Udinese and Thursday, 16th of October (6-8 p.m.) at our retail store UNSACCOMORAS in Trieste.

The meetings will be held by the agriculture engineer, a specialist in organic and biodynamic farming, Graziano Granzit who will help us clarify some topics as current as obscure such as G.M.O.’s, biological and biodynamic agriculture, organic and regenerative agriculture and manuring.

Simple but little-known nor deepened topics will also be dealt with, such as the difference between various types of grain (wheat, spelt wheat and corn, very common in the region), the vegetable garden, the lunar cycles, the very important nutritional upbringing and the health of children, all connected to the relationship with our Earth as Mother Teacher.

The meeting will touch briefly all these broad topics, with the goal of planning some future meetings, more specific and in-depth.  This will be based on the requests and interests that will come out during the evening through interaction and dialogue.

Molino Moras with this and other initiatives which has been organizing for years, intends to transform its own retail stores into real and actual centres of culture and sharing in order to instill value:

We would like to help and spread well-being in the community” - Anna Pantanali positively explains, communications manager of Molino Moras and granddaughter of Vittorio Moras – “and we are strongly convinced, which is natural due to the business we do, that our health and total well-being depend on good dieting, so that flour is definitely the most important component. Helping people to understand how much the quality of food counts in our life is the upmost expectation of our company ” Anna continues, “We are aware that it is an ambitious goal, in our own small way but we try with humility and lots of dedication and passion.”

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