We are pleased to announce with great enthusiasm that Molino Moras is forging a wonderful project. According to Nicoletta Moras, “It has been years that we have thought and made attempts to do it, but now perhaps the time has come, people are more aware and the longing to change is stronger”.

On the evening of the presentation held May 20, 2014, the farmers’ participation of our fields was quite impressive. We were surprised by the great interest and joint participation.

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The meeting saw Nicoletta Moras speaking on behalf of the company but just as remarkable, there was the presence of the whole Molino Moras company. This demonstrated how important this project counts and how much the Moras family believes in it, and wishes to convey it to all its employees.

The guest speaker of the night was Mr. Graziano Ganzit, agronomist and self-taught specialist in organic and bio-dynamic farming. He was able to capture the audience’s attention right from the beginning. The evening later turned into a moment of sharing, an exchange of opinions in order to understand the difficulties and needs of the farmers. The presence of the mayor of Trivignano Udinese, Roberto Fedele, turned out to be important, or better, fundamental. He wishes to support and help the birth and growth of projects and activities in the community territory and beyond.

Why did we want all this? Why concern ourselves with these kinds of projects? The answer is quite easy: TO GIVE BACK VALUE TO OUR PLANET, FARM WORK, and TO SIMPLE AND GENUINE PRODUCTS THAT COME FROM IT: grains, flour…etc.

But what should their characteristics be? Grain of good quality, cultivated without chemical treatment or pesticides, following the plants’ growth in all its phases, and using solely and exclusively natural techniques (manure and methodologies) and natural timing (from seeding to reaping), that should follow lunar phases and the Earth’s rotations.

Is it utopia? No! Dreams can become reality if we get together and believe that it is possible. We of Molino Moras wish to have the ability to create in the coming years a production line of stone ground flour, cultivated on site according to natural and environmentally friendly methods. It is indeed an ambitious project that has started to take shape: for the whole month of July every Tuesday and Friday from 8:30-10:30 in the evening, beginner-level lessons on autumn seeding were held. A group of 20 farmers after their work day in the fields, decided to challenge themselves to listen and learn something new.

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On August 12, 2014, Molino Moras hosted to all the course’s participants a tour of the mill, the handing over of attendance certificates and the counter signature of the project. It was a splendid afternoon that we ended with a drink and some cake. We have just begun and we are open to ideas, co-operations and also new partners for the conclusion of the production chain. For any kind of information, request, curiosity and interest do not hesitate to contact us or tel. 0432.999006 - Contact Person: Mrs. Nicoletta Moras (owner of Molino Moras who follows personally the project)