Aramaic Bread Flour - Rustic Bread
Aramaic Bread Flour - Rustic Bread Aramaic Bread Flour - Rustic Bread

Aramaic Bread Flour - Rustic Bread

A blend of soft wheat, spelt flour and whole barley flour and seeds. A set of flours that brings back the roots and flavors of the past.  


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Usage advice

Suitable for bread, focaccia, breadsticks, and rustic desserts.


Weak mix - to be mixed with one of the flours from the Tradizione line, depending on the intended use.

Strength is the ability to form the gluten network (which retains more or less carbon dioxide) and the power to absorb liquids. The proteins responsible for gluten formation are two insoluble proteins: gliadin and glutenin.

Weak flours form a gluten network that retains little carbon dioxide and has reduced liquid absorption. Weak flours are more suitable for all preparations that do not require a rising time.

Strong flours are rich in gluten, absorb liquids to a greater extent, and retain more carbon dioxide. The doughs are tenacious, very elastic, and suitable for supporting long rising times.

Recommended recipe

Bread with Pane Aramaico flour


Knead the flours and the sourdough starter with water, oil, and salt.
Let the mixture rise for at least 6/8 hours.
Work the dough again and shape it into small loaves (or one large loaf).
Place them on a baking sheet and let them rise for another 45/50 minutes.
Sprinkle the surface with some sesame seeds.
Bake at 170 degrees for about 30/40 minutes.

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