We are convinced that greater knowledge and awareness is the starting point for promoting a culture of good and healthy eating.

This is why we have designed and created a service for our customers that includes direct and personalised training to learn about flours, mixtures, new products and creating recipes. These training courses take into account the specific needs of individual customers and include consulting, training, post-consultancy service and a marketing service for creating a winning menu.

They are given by masters of white art, industry experts and bread, pastry and pizza-making technicians.

With their technical skills and creative abilities, our professionals and consultants are able to lead our customers to a higher level of knowledge and ability in the use of flour.

We select passionate, qualified individuals, with good teaching skills, who can convey tricks and secrets, processes and creative alternatives.

They will accompany you in a process of instruction, courses and consultancy in a single session to help you in your work, in order to offer something new and special to each of your customers.


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