Flôr di Lune

Image of Flôr di Lune

From the cultivated fields of Friuli Venezia Giulia directly to our tables: this is how our “Let’s grow the bread of the future” supply chain project develops, born from an idea by Molino Moras, the passion of a group of farmers and the enthusiasm of some bakers.

The rules specify that at each stage the farmers undertake to respect the natural rhythms of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun so that all the vital impulses can develop to the full and remain encapsulated in the grain of wheat and in the flour.

The agricultural production and the processing go hand in hand with nature and the old working techniques to provide Flôr di Lune flour and Flôr di Lune bread.

“Flôr di Lune” – the name of the flour simply had to come from the local dialect – has packaging that recalls tradition and further enhances its content, which is the result of several controls and much attention, care and passion.

Meticulously selected by Molino Moras and enamoured with the project from the first meeting, the bakers who use our flour follow precise rules, using pure Flôr di Lune flour.

This flour, despite its low-protein content, is mixed allowing lengthy fermentation times, to ensure a light and easily digestible product with a particularly unique and unmistakable aroma and flavour, reminiscent of the bread of bygone days.

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