We begin from a grain of wheat, but its size doesn’t mean that great things can’t be achieved.

Image of We begin from a grain of wheat, but its size doesn’t mean that great things can’t be achieved.

We begin from a grain of wheat, but its size doesn’t mean that great things can’t be achieved.

We have good ideas that are not limited to the production of excellent flour or attention to our customers: we have in mind a virtuous idea of community, which, through the meeting of individuals, is able to create value.

We truly believe this, which is why we promote events and activities to involve, inform and inspire people, both within and beyond the doors of the mill, which is always open to all who want to learn about our world and our philosophy.

Thus, cookery meetings, courses, tasting sessions, children’s workshops, theatrical performances, fashion shows and initiatives are organised to convey proper information and promote scientific research.

We become stakeholders in a future to be proud of, in a region that we love so much, through our corporate social responsibility.

In recent years, we have promoted and participated in ambitious initiatives, such as the support given in 2010 to the “Il Sogno di Stefano” association, an organisation founded to help children with kidney problems lead a normal life through scientific research and support for their needs and those of their families.

Since 2012, we have been financing the doctoral research of a young medical graduate from the University of Udine in his study on the diagnosis of cardiac disorders and rejection reactions in heart transplants and those other organs.

Among all our projects, there is one we are particularly proud of: “99 infarinate”.

In 2015, we launched a collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Futura in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), a centre for work and services for and with the disabled, who are extraordinary people that have managed to give a unique flavour to our project.

99 infarinate” is a book that describes the origins of bread, with the story of a grain of wheat that becomes flour, that talks about popular culture and dough mixtures, and that promotes sustainable agriculture and a model of healthy eating.

It is composed of 99 illustrated cards contained in a box, providing an engaging journey from agriculture to milling technology, from the field to the fork and from flour to recipes.

The illustrations were created by the young people at the Futura Cooperativa Sociale Onlus day centre: these “artists of life” explored the phases of wheat processing, from the seed to the flour to the bread, as part of a creative workshop. The design, printing and packaging of the book were assigned to the cooperative’s assembly, graphic design and printing departments.

Within our limits and in spite of them, we have a potential that is unknown even to ourselves: when wheat sprouts, it never realises it will become so good, and yet it does.

99 infarinate” received an important recognition in December 2016: it was published in the ADI Design Index, which each year nominates the best Italian design put into production, selected by the prestigious association’s permanent observatory.

“99 infarinate” can be found in the Moras sales outlets (Buteghe dal Mulin and Un Sacco Moras) and in the best bookshops, or you can order it via e-mail!


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