We trace the path of the wheat, from the soil to you.

Image of We trace the path of the wheat, from the soil to you.

Healthy, genuine and controlled, so that nature can also be proud of us.

We have always milled soft wheat to turn it into flour, many types of flour, which will become the bread on your table, a tasty pizza, an amazing pastry, fresh pasta, a crusty breadstick, a handy flatbread or the pancake of your dreams.

We have grown and evolved from generation to generation, always choosing natural goodness, welcoming innovation and technology but remaining artisans and, above all, we have always put you at the centre. We are more than a mill; we are a family.

Our daily work is a constant search for a product of the highest quality:

we buy excellent grains to which we add no enzymes or additives to bring you a 100% natural product. We do everything possible to bring you the original fragrance, simple flavour and authenticity of the flour, working hard to achieve this with great determination and love.

We’ve been doing this for 110 years.


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