It’s the flour. And then it’s the land. And it’s also the person.

We start from here, from what is essential and can sometimes seem trivial but which drives everything.

We have confidence in nature, in its rhythms and in what it is capable of creating, filling us with wonder and joy at the infinite gifts it can give us. We believe in seasons and times, in the small things that become important and in the work of people who known how to share, listen and relate.

You can also add tradition, craftsmanship and innovation.

We shape the nature of a new form: from wheat, we create flour.
We give consistency and continuity to a product that is alive by nature. There is nothing standardised in our profession. Each grain of wheat is treated as unique and special.

We are millers; we have an ancient and fascinating craft that has always made us conscious and aware of what we have in our hands. We did not choose between the principles of the past and the opportunities of the future: we kept them both, certain that our work would become more productive and complete. So it was and so it still is today.

We share it all with respect, passion and simplicity.

Each of us supports the others, and our work brings us into contact with wonderful people, customers and suppliers that we want to make happy with quality products.

The Moras mill for us is a place of activity and also a place of meeting. We love our work and we promote a true and sincere product that makes a difference, because it is treated with care and studied and improved each day.

Believing that we can change the world and changing it, starting from a grain of wheat.


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