Corporate Social Responsibility

We start from a grain of wheat, but just because of its small size, it doesn't mean that great things cannot be done.
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We are a Benefit Corporation, and corporate sustainability and attention to people have always been a part of us.

We become actors of a future to be proud of, in the territory we love, through corporate social responsibility.

We have good ideas that go beyond the production of excellent flours or the attention for our customers: we have in mind a virtuous idea of community that is able to create value from the encounter of individuals.
We really believe in it and that's why we promote events and activities that can involve, inform and inspire, inside and outside the doors of the Mill, always open to all those who want to know our world and our philosophy.
Thus, cooking classes, courses, tastings, children's workshops, collaborations with higher institutions and universities in the area are born, which promote accurate information and promote research.

We are a Benefit Corporation, and corporate sustainability and attention to people have always been a part of us.

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Social report

The preparation of the Social Balance Sheet is the latest step - to date - of a journey undertaken over a century ago by the first generation of Molino Moras. A journey made of values, hard work and tradition, characterized by a constant aspiration to sustainability and innovation. A journey that has seen the alternation of generations and has always been based on the enhancement of those who animate it and, day by day, live it. The Sustainability Report received a special mention in the "Sustainability Report Award" promoted by Corriere della Sera and Bologna Business School - University of Bologna.
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The connection with the environment and natural resources is inherent in the milling activity, from the care of the raw materials to the milling operations. Molino Moras strives to optimize the use of resources, reduce environmental impacts, and promote local and sustainable supply chains.
25.4 million quintals of grain processed
377,000 kWh of total energy consumed
178.4 tonnes of CO2 emitted.
The Flôr di Lune project is a regional initiative aimed at creating a virtuous local supply chain that is mindful of what we leave for future generations.
Molino Moras is also recognized as an IOSONOFVG company, a brand from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region for agri-food companies committed to sustainability.
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The enhancement of human resources is one of Molino Moras' strengths. The company is committed to managing its employees in a transparent, fair, and meritocratic manner, involving them in its strategic choices, listening to them, and recognizing their constant commitment to achieving the company's goals.

In 2020, the company promoted, organized, and participated in numerous cultural, social, and territorial promotion initiatives, and continued to support important projects with third-party sector organizations, including the #MaipiùBarbablù project, an initiative born in 2018 in collaboration with the Futura Onlus Social Cooperative to prevent and combat gender-based violence.

19 company employees
58% women in the company
Average age of 42 years old
2 projects in favor of the tertiary sector
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Creating economic value is a primary goal for every company. Molino Moras' responsibility is reflected in how the created value is distributed to internal and external stakeholders to contribute to an ethical economic model and community growth.

2.2 million euros total production value
718 thousand euros distributed as social added value
12.5 million euros social added value to the tertiary sector
79.4% social added value to workers.