Durum Wheat Semolina

Durum Wheat Semolina

Durum wheat semolina, obtained from a second milling and with a finer granulometry. Ideal for fresh pasta , bread, pizza and focaccia.

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Usage advice

Used for fresh pasta, bread, pizza, and focaccia. It is also used to prepare the typical Apulian bread, with a uniform and compact alveolation, very tasty and ideal for long preservation.

Remilled semolina is obtained from a second grinding of durum wheat, it has a lighter yellow color, smaller grains, and is finer and softer to the touch than semolina.

Recommended recipe

Focaccia with Remilled Durum Wheat Semolina and Type 1 Flour


  • 500g of Remilled Durum Wheat Semolina
  • 500g of Type 1 Flour
  • 700ml of water
  • 3g of dry beer yeast
  • 2/3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • cherry tomatoes
  • oregano
  • salt for topping

In a bowl combine the flours and the dry yeast. Add the water gradually and knead. Add the extra virgin olive oil and salt. Take the dough and transfer it to a bowl; cover with nylon and let rest 30 minutes.
Put the bowl in the fridge for 24 hours, then take the dough out of the fridge, let it return to room temperature and wait for the dough to double in size.
Roll it out on a well-oiled pan, let it rest for 30 min, press in the cherry tomatoes seasoned with oil, salt, and oregano.
Leave it for 30 min and then bake in the oven at 220/250°C until golden brown.

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La migliore

Ottima scoperta lo scorso anno oramai per il mio pane uso solo questa, pane ma anche focaccia ottimo

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