110 years and it doesn’t show.

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It all began here, in Trivignano Udinese, a small village in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the communal mill, built in 1800, was taken over by Geremia Moras. This was in 1905: the mill was powered by a water wheel and was the hub of community life and the local economy.

During the years of the Great War, Geremia’s son Giacomo committed himself body and soul to running the mill, working day and night and resting only at Christmas and Easter. Two hundredweight of flour were produced every hour.

At the end of the 1920s, the Moras family bought the mill, with firm belief in what they were doing. Time soon rewarded the great efforts that had been made to reach this point. Production steadily increased and the work required new minds and arms to implement innovative ideas and allow expansion to a wider area.


After World War II, the entire population experienced a time of hardship. The flour market was also in decline, but Giacomo Moras and his sons Geremia and Vittorio did not lose heart, but looked towards the future: they invested in the most modern machinery and made efforts to become known to other bakers, pastry chefs and pizza makers.

In the 1960s, while many mills in the lower Friuli region were closing, one after another, due to the arrival of large companies, Molino Moras held firm and took even bolder steps, investing in technology to produce flour that would distinguish itself from that of large retailers by its quality and attention to the smallest details.



Enduring over time, always improving, passing from local retail sales to relations with national and international customers: Molino Moras is now is in its sixth generation and carries forward the old values of the art of milling with an energy that is new each day.

We are Molino Moras and this is our story.


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