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Healthy, genuine, and controlled, so that nature can be proud of us too.

It all starts here, in Trivignano Udinese, a small village in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the communal mill dating back to 1800 is taken over by Geremia Moras.

From generation to generation, we grind soft wheat to turn it into flour, many flours, which will become the bread on your table, the good pizza, the surprising dessert, the fresh pasta, a crispy breadstick, a quick piadina, a crepe to dream of.

From generation to generation we have grown, we have evolved by always choosing natural goodness, embracing innovation and technology but remaining artisans, above all, we have always put you at the center. Before being a mill, we are a family.

Our daily work is the constant search for a product of the highest quality:

We purchase excellent grains to which we add neither enzymes nor additives to give you a 100% natural product, we do everything to bring to you the original aroma, the simple taste, and the genuineness of the flour, we work hard to achieve all this with great determination and love.

We have been doing this for 110 years.

Resisting time, always improving, moving from retail sales in the local area to relationships with national and international customers: today Molino Moras is in its sixth generation and carries on the values of the milling art of the past with energy renewed every day.

We are Molino Moras, and this is our story.

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