The Power of Flour

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Flours can be classified according to strength, i.e. the ability of the flour to keep the carbon dioxide formed during leavening in the dough.
The strength largely depends on the quantity and quality of the proteins (gliadin and glutenin which you work generate gluten); the higher the content in the flour, the higher its strength.
Doughs prepared with strong flours tolerate long maturations better, allow voluminous leavened products with well-developed honeycombs.
To find out more, discover the section dedicated to flour in our '99 Infarinate' .



Short maturation

SUITABLE FLOURS: Organic flour type 0 Flôr di Lune; Stone-ground wholemeal organic flour Flôr di Lune; Granite flour; Flour type 00 puff pastry; Amordonna flour; Five Cereal Flour; Segali flour; Rusticotto flour; Aramaic bread flour; Pan Sole flour; Potato bread flour; Pumpkin loaf flour.


Average maturation 12/20 hours

SUITABLE FLOURS: Flour type 0; Type 1 flour; Type 2 flour.

Strength 3

Long maturation 24/48 hours

SUITABLE FLOURS: Wholemeal flour; Flour type 00 Fior Fiore, Soy Pizza Flour.

Force 4

Long maturation 48/72 hours

SUITABLE FLOURS: Deliziosa flour; Manitoba flour; Type 1R flour.

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