Pumpkin Bread Flour
Pumpkin Bread Flour Pumpkin Bread Flour

Pumpkin Bread Flour

Mixture with pumpkin pulp perfect for bread, focaccia, and tasty sweets. It will give your preparations a characteristic scent and a delicately sweet taste.


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Usage Tips

Adaptable for bread, focaccia, gnocchi, muffins, and pancakes. The recipes that can be made are really numerous, from sweet dishes like raisin brioche bread, chocolate chip muffins, shortbread, and sponge cake paired with ricotta, macaroons, and chestnut cream, to savory products such as pumpkin seed-enriched bread, focaccia, breadsticks, and pizza.

Pumpkin bread can be used pure or mixed with the flours of the Tradition Line.


Weak mix - to be mixed with one of the flours of the Tradition Line, depending on the use.

Strength is the ability to form the gluten mesh (which retains more or less carbon dioxide) and the power of absorbing liquids, the proteins responsible for gluten formation are two insoluble proteins: gliadin and glutenin.

Weak flours form a gluten mesh that retains little carbon dioxide and has reduced liquid absorption. Weak flours are more suitable for all preparations that do not require a rising time.

Strong flours are rich in gluten, absorb liquids to a greater extent, and retain more carbon dioxide. The doughs are tenacious, very elastic, and suitable for supporting long rising times.

Recommended Recipe

Pumpkin Focaccia with Smoked Ricotta Cheese


  • 600g of Pumpkin Bread flour
  • 400g of Fior Fiore flour
  • 2g of dry beer yeast
  • 50g of butter
  • 100g of grated smoked ricotta cheese
  • 650g of water
  • 10g of cold water
  • black pepper to taste

Knead the flours and the yeast with water and then add the butter and ricotta. Add the pepper and finally the salt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
soffice e profumata

Ho usato questa farina sia per il pane che per pizza e focacce. Il risultato è gustosissimo. Il gusto buonissimo, la consistenza super soffice e il colore dorato della zucca a fine cottura mette allegria. La consiglio, è davvero speciale

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