Malted Wheat Flour

Malted Wheat Flour

Crumb obtained from the milling of malted soft wheat. To be dosed according to the type of flour used and the product to be made. 

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Usage advice

Malted wheat flour is the result of sprouted malted wheat. It is a yeast enhancer, to be added to achieve a better final result, especially in long maturation preparations.

The addition of malted wheat flour to the dough will give: a more active fermentation of the dough, a more developed product alveolation, making it lighter and more digestible, a more golden crust color and more intense taste and aroma.

Dosage depends on the flours used and the type of product to be made (1% compared to the weight of the flour for bread and pizza preparation; max 2% for breadsticks and focaccia).

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Packaging and storage
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